CCCA Business Event

During the downturn of the economy, are you looking for open your own business or struggling to profit from your current business? You may also look for new opportunities? CCCA business event will be held in September 25th, 2016, this is a great opportunity since experts in commercial lending, finance, accounting, and legal field are invited this educational seminar.

  1. Business start-up loans, commercial loans for purchasing business purchasing, and introduction of BDC
    — George Lu (BDC) (45 minutes)
  2. Company risk management and the tax law changes in Canada
    – Sherry Wong (CFP,Investors Group)
  3. Entrepreneur opportunity in China: Shandong Provincial policies for returned talents
    -Xiaomeng Zheng (5-10minutes)
  4. 5 minutes break
  5. How banks evaluate business risk
    -Shuang Lin (45minutes)
  6. Business purchasing and selling – related legal issues. Share selling or asset selling? lawyers due diligence, purchase agreement
    -Hongqian Zhang (45minutes)
  7. Lucky draw – sponsors’ introduction (5minutes)

In addition we also have a charted professional accountant on spot to answer questions

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