Celebration of the success of the 2nd Cross-Cultural Forum

October 22, Saturday afternoon, Canada China Commercial Association (CCCA), Canada China Culture Association (CCCA) and Calgary Immigrant Educational Society (CIES) hosted the 2nd Cross-Cultural Forum at Welcome Centre for New Immigrants in the north east of Calgary.

The subject of this forum is How to Succeed in Canadian Workplace. The goal is to provide advice on how to break the glass ceiling and advance your career with soft skills that are required in Canadian workplace.

The forum was monitored by Ms. Zhao Lei. At first, she introduced the special guests, Consul, Mr. Wang Xu Hong, and Vice Consul, Mr. Gao Qing Jun, from the Consulate General of the People’s Republic of China in Calgary; Associate Professor, Ms. Cai Wei from University of Calgary; and Recruiting Officer, Mr. Sean Hoy, from Calgary Fire Department.

Mr. Sean Hoy mentioned that Calgary Fire Department serves Calgary, a growing and culturally diversified city. He has seen his team grown to be more diversified through the years. He also recalled experience of responding to emergency situations when language and culture is a barrier, but fortunately some teammate can understand different language / culture that helps deliver full service in a timely manner. His main message is that Calgary Fire Department serves the community with a caring heart. And in order to better serve Calgarian in case of emergencies, his team welcome people including immigrants and people of minority cultural background to join the team. And finally, the Fire Department has the intention to recruit more people and some opportunities will be posted publicly and on website. Please help to spread the message.

Next, the forum started with the speech presented by the first keynote speaker, Ms. Spring Zhu, on The Secret of Top Performers: Deliver Results, Manage Perception, and Be Visible. She shared her experience of how to advance her career from Accounting Generalist after obtaining her MBA to a Supply Chain Manager, Market Intelligence & Business Analytics at a major oil & gas company in Calgary. She explained about how to set SMART goals and meet goals at each career level especially for the Chinese immigrants. The audience was deeply touched by her stories and learned a lot of advice from her experience.
The second speech was presented by the old friend of CCCA, also one of the keynote speakers at the 1st Cross-Culture Forum, Mr. Matt Adolphe. He is the author of two books, << Canadian Workplace Culture: Mastering the Unspoken Rules >>, and << Would You Hire You? >>. He not only is an instructor of the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology (SAIT), but also teaches English, history, culture and communications in other countries and areas. At the Q&A section, Matt answered lots of questions on the unspoken rules at workplace. The audience was impressed by his experience, research results and his communication skills.

After the keynote speakers’ presentations, CCCA’s board member, Ms. Cherry Ma, briefly presented what CCCA is, the upcoming forum about Import and Export, and 2017 New Year Gala. The representative of the main sponsor, Pinnacle Wealth Brokers, Ms. Maggie Hu, gave a short speech of her company and the collaborations between CCCA and Pinnacle. Ms. Christina Wei from Mapleville, the gift sponsor, also talked about their company.

The last section of this forum was the panel discussion monitored by Dr. Sally Zhao, the Executive Director of CIES. She introduced the penal speakers – Mr. Andy Wu, Director of United Engineering Corp and Senior Advisor of CCCA; Mr. Colyn deGraff, seasoned writer, designer, public speaker and Manager of CIES; and Ms. Jana Ciobanu, LINC Manager of CIES. After Colyn and Jana made short presentations on cross culture communications, the two keynote speakers, Matt and Spring were invited to join the panel discussion. The audience asked lots of questions regarding the day-to-day communications at work and how to improve their communication efficiency at Canadian workplace.

Time flew… Dr. Sally Zhao had to announce the end of the panel discussion at 5pm. The Chair of CCCA handed the appreciation certificate and gifts to the keynote and panel speakers. The audience provided very positive feedback about this event, looking forward to the next forum.