Tax Planning and Compliance Seminar

A new tax season in Canada just started. To help more and more self-employed and small business owner, Canada China Commercial Association (CCCA) invited experienced tax specialists to help you with tax compliance issues and tax planning strategy.

The seminar will include two parts

1. Tax Compliance Issues (seminar will be delivered in Chinese)

Speaker: Li Hua, CGA

Li Hua has extensive accounting experience in both private and public practice, including many years working for the government, a large accounting firm and several private companies. She has lived and worked in Calgary for over 20 years. Li is now leading a group of accounting professionals to serve the Calgary community with solutions to everyday business life.

2. Tax Planning Strategy (seminar will be delivered in English, with assistance from Chinese speakers)

Speaker: Chris Watson, CPA CA, Partner, Calvista LLP

Chris has had many years advising small business owners and individuals with their tax planning and CRA filing.

The seminar will include following topics:

  • How to reduce your tax with CCPC? What is the most tax efficient way to invest your profit?
  • What’s the difference between salary, bonus and dividend?
  • What’s the difference between employee and contractor?
  • What’s new to small businesses and self-employee in 2017 Canadian tax regulations?
  • Things to pay attention when filing your tax as self-employee.
  • What can be claimed as your cost to do business?
  • How is your business income/loss affect your personal tax?
  • What are the issues that small businesses face and how to deal with CRA when needed?

We would also be happy to add other topics if there is interest. Please feel free to email us your suggestions when register.

2017 CCCA member: free. Please email to register.
Non-member: $10, Click here to pay.

Limited spots available. Please register ASAP.