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    • Tue
      11:45 - 13:151333 32nd Ave NE - Boardroom

      RBCRB_LogoDes_H_rgbPEPresented by:

      Corrie Banks
      Triskele Logistics Ltd.


      Bonnie Voynovich
      Senior Equipment Financing Specialist

      Topics include:RBC_advice

      • What would a Calgary Region Inland Port mean to you and your company?
      • Understanding Costs/Supply Chain Waste/
      • Mitigation Strategies
      • Financing alternatives that allow you to update your equipment now without the full investment cost upfront

      Date: Tuesday February 23, 2016
      11:45 – Lunch
      12:00 – 1:15 - Presentation
      Where: 1333 32nd Ave NE, Calgary - Boardroom

      Please RSVP by Friday 12, 2016 by contacting
      Sam Lin: sam.lin@rbc.com, 403-292-2309

    • Sat
      14:00 - 16:30777 8 Ave SW

      Hosted by: Canada China Commercial Association and MGen 1.5 Calgary Chapter

      Master of Ceremony:

      Sean Wang, CA, CFA, Manager, Deloitte

      employees-885338_1280Key Note Speakers:

      • Andy Wu, P. Eng. Msc., Director of United Engineering Corp.

      Mr. Wu holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Civil Engineering from Tsinghua University, China and a Master of Science degree in Civil Engineering from University of Saskatchewan, Canada. He has held various leadership positions in the following companies: VECO CANADA LTD., MEG Worley LTD., Colt Engineering LTD., Worley Parsons Canada, and Vista Projects Ltd.

      Mr. Wu will walk you through the hiring process as a senior executive and decision maker on how the job is generated, what qualifications on the resume will pass the 30 second test, the type of candidates standing out in the interview, and who will ultimately get the job.

      • Dan Elliott, B. Mgt. Recruitment Coordinator, Investors Group

      Mr. Elliott had been an ELT Recruitment Coordinator with the Calgary Catholic Immigration Society and is well versed in the challenges that foreign and the second generation professionals face when entering the Calgary job market. His speech will revolve around his experience placing both new and seasoned immigrants in their professional field. He is going to contrast those points with profiles of successful Investors Group consultants and highlight how their hard work and dedication has helped them achieve a level of success that traditional career paths simply can't provide.


      • Andy Wu, P. Eng. Msc., Director of United Engineering Corp.
      • Dan Elliott, B. Mgt. Recruitment Coordinator, Investors Group
      • Evan Cao, Procurement and Fleet Specialist, Alberta Energy Regulator
      • Siying Li, Research Analyst, Mawer Investment Management
      • Max Wang, Investment Analyst, Ross Smith Asset Management Inc.
      • Oliver Shao, Research Associate, Acumen Capital Finance Partners Limited

      Seminar Agenda: Feb 27, 2016

      • 2:00pm to 2:10pm: Welcome from CCCA and MGen 1.5 Calgary
      • 2:10pm to 2:45pm: Mr. Andy Wu’s presentation
      • 2:45pm to 3:00pm: Networking break and refreshment
      • 3:00pm to 3:45pm: Challenges and opportunities for foreign and second generation professional in Calgary job market, by Mr. Elliott
      • 3:45pm to 4:20pm: Panel discussion on recruiting tips: get ready for the new recruiting session
      • 4:20pm to 4:30pm: Closing remarks


      Location: 777 8 Ave SW

      Parking Instruction: the closest Impark Parking lot is Lot #294 with a rate of only $2

      Parking Instruction

      Parking Instruction

      Please RSVP by: Friday Feb 26, 2106

      Phone number: 403-253-4840 ext. 2339 or 403-667-1668

      E-mail: info@ccca88.ca or by visiting MGen 1.5 Calgary chapter Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/groups/mgen1.5calgary/1316251905067006/?notif_t=group_activity

    • Sat
      17:30 - 21:00GOLDEN CENTRAL CHINESE CUISINE 5016 Centre St NE, Calgary, AB T2K

      poster-enIt is with great pleasure that we write to invite you to the CCCA’s 2016 Anniversary and New Year celebration on Saturday March 19 2016. Thanks to tremendous contribution and support from our members, friends, volunteers and local community, CCCA has achieved another successful year and has become a welcoming hub for businesses and professionals from Canada and China. We look forward to our new journey with you in 2016.

      The celebration dinner will feature a 10 course traditional Chinese dinner, keynote speaker, live performances and lucky draw.

      Best of luck to you and family in the year of monkey!


      • Member: Free for 2016 CCCA members.
      • Non-member: $30/person

      For registration and group admission please contact info@ccca88.ca

      Sold Out.
      Join CCCA as a member: https://ccca88.ca/public/membership/

      You can fill the application form, then scan and email it to info@ccca88.ca.

    • Wed

      McCall Lake Golf Course高尔夫运动是一项有严格规则的绅士运动,讲究高尔夫礼仪,自我不断挑战和战胜自我的运动。高尔夫是一种与世界沟通的绅士语言,当今社会各界已经将高尔夫作为社会交往中不可缺少的技能之一。













      四,授课地点: 市中心附近,提供球杆,茶水。

      五,学费:$180元/每人 ( 加中商会2016年会员及自组3人:150元/每人)。


    • Sat
      9:30 am - 3:00 pmAloft Calgary University - 2359 Banff Trail NW, Calgary, AB T2M 4L2

      Poster - EAs the model minority in today's Corporate America, too often we have been labelled as the dedicated, hard-working, but silent minority.

      Are you a young Chinese-Canadian professional who wants to effectively establish a personal brand, and leverage your bi-cultural and bilingual advantage in your professional career? Come to our biggest professional development event of the year: Make Your Mark!

      We have secured amazing speakers to share their experiences with us: Dr. Dejiang Long, Gord Aker and Dr. Max Wang (see below for their profiles)

      Schedule - EDr. Max Wang is the President and CEO of Grande Cache Coal Corporation, and is a Vice Chairmen of the board for Coal Association of Canada. Before joining GCC, Max has successfully risen through the ranks to become the Director of Engineering, Major Projects, for Suncor Energy Inc. Max worked in various oil & gas project and technical and function management positions, including the Chief Engineer and Department Manager for the Civil/Structural Department at Bantrel Corp. Max holds a Ph.D. in Engineering and has been a Technical Committee Member of Canadian Standards Association (CSA) since 1998.

      Dr. Dejiang Long is a Principal of Golder Associates Ltd, a global engineering and environmental consulting company with over 4,000 professionals. Dr. Long has over 30 years of consulting, research and teaching experience in water resources engineering.  Dr. Long was the first non-white board member, elected by employees, on Canadian Board of Golder Associates. Dr. Long was once an adjunct professor in the Department of Civil Engineering at the University of Calgary. He was the director for two award-winning World Bank water projects in the Yangtze and Yellow River in China.

      Gord Aker has over ten years of experience as an Executive Coach. After an 18-year career with TransCanada Corporation, Gord started C-Quill Development Incorporated, a company dedicated to mentoring, coaching and developing young professionals with the goal of accelerating their careers and increasing their contribution to the world. Since 2007 he has also been the co-developer and primary consultant to the Maier Student Leadership Program at the Schulich School of Engineering in Calgary.

      The event is proudly presented by MGen 1.5

      We are an association of young Mandarin-speaking Canadian professionals working or pursuing professional degrees in the GTA and Calgary. We are fluently bilingual and bicultural,international-minded professionals with diverse skills and expertise to offer.
      Ticket price (include lunch and drinks) : $30 prepaid on eventbrite, $40 at the door

      Purchase ticket: https://www.eventbrite.ca/e/making-your-mark-tickets-24784259387#tickets

      Location: Aloft Calgary University - 2359 Banff Trail NW, Calgary, AB T2M 4L2

      Date and time: Saturday, 11 June 2016 from 9:30 AM to 3:00 PM (MDT)

    • Sat
      1. Dinosaur Provincial Park 2. Red Rock Coulee 3. Cypress Hills Interprovincial Park 4. Great Sand Hills, SK

      加中商会 / 卡尔加里石油非正式论坛


      地点:1. Dinosaur Provincial Park 2. Red Rock Coulee 3. Cypress Hills Interprovincial Park 4. Great Sand Hills, SK

      如果你不打算露营,可以参与以下两站活动。如果你打算露营一个晚上,可以参与以下三站。如果你打算参观四站,需露营两个晚上。将统一在Medicine Hat预订团队露营地。如果预订不到露营地,活动将延迟,另行通知。




      • 第一站:7月2日星期六,上午9:00于卡尔加里出发,上午11:30到达Dinosaur Provincial Park公园入口处集合,游览和午餐时间3小时。
      • 第二站:下午3点出发,4:30到达Medicine Hat的露营地,5:30分前往Red Rock Coulee,7点返回露营地晚餐。
      • 第三站:7月3日8:00于Medicine Hat出发,3小时穿越Cypress Hills Interprovincial Park,参观Fort Walsh National Historic Site。第三站结束后,此时你可以返回卡尔加里,不参与第四站。
      • 第四站:午餐后1:00驶往Great Sand Hills,4:00返回,6:00到露营地聚餐。7月4日返回卡尔加里。

      Red Rock Coulee

      Red Rock Coulee

    • Fri


      黄石国家公园(Yellowstone National Park) 是美国最大、最着名和建立最早的国家公园。位于西部北落基山和中落基山之间的熔岩高原上,黄石河、黄石湖纵贯其中,有峡谷、瀑布、温泉以及间歇喷泉等,景色秀丽,引人入胜。

      此行增游壮观之大瀑布水坝及“石头公园”, 公园内之怪石林, 怪石林立, 拥有有超过50岩画(石雕刻的图像), 属世界自然遗产之一。

      • 第一天:卡城→大瀑布市
        早上于集合地点准时出发。经莱斯布里奇(Lethbridge) 来到美国素有大天空之称的蒙大拿。西部三分之一的区域,由落基山脉(Rocky Mountains)贯穿,东部尽是广大的平原,北面连接加拿大边界的「冰河国家公园」(Glacier National Park),及南边连接怀俄明州的「黄石国家公园」(Yellowstone National Park),是蒙大拿州最着名的景点,也是落基山的精华所在,每年吸引来自世界各地超过九百五十万的游客。本团特别安排游览印第安人保护区域-Writing-On-Stone Provincial Park,大家可以尽情参观这片经过千百年风沙洗礼而形成的独特地貌以及怪石林,从中可以了解当年印第安人生活习惯以及风俗习惯。夜宿:Great Falls Comfort Inn或同级
      • mammoth-951955_1280第二天:大瀑布市→黄石公园 (包早餐) (夜宿:黄石公园西门)
        今日前往有「世界瑰宝」之称,又名地球之眼的黄石公园。位于蒙大拿、怀俄明、爱达荷三州交界处。一八七二年由美国国会通过,成为世界第一座国家公园,以峡谷、火山地形闻名,在广达9,000平方公里的面积里,蕴涵了无数自然宝藏,它以间歇泉、温泉、峡谷、 瀑布、鑽石、原石等景观闻名于世。浪漫迷人的黄石湖,雄伟秀丽的大峡谷,万马奔腾的黄石瀑布,神秘静谧的森林,屹立湖山间的钓鱼桥,隆隆巨声的火山口等都属于难得的天然美景,她更是全美最大的野生动物保留区,清澈的溪流,鱼儿力争上游,如茵的草原,野牛麋鹿觅食其上,其他如黑熊、灰熊、扁角鹿等等亦以此为家。傍晚时分抵达黄石公园西门,入住西门Branding Inn或同级。
      • 第三天:黄石公园→海莲娜市(包早餐)
        早餐后前往参观黄石公园最负盛名的 “老忠实喷泉”、“七彩调色盘” 及大峡谷。午后起程返回海莲娜市。夜宿:Comfort Inn或同级
      • 第四天:海莲娜市→大瀑布市→卡城(包早餐)早餐后离开海莲娜市。顺道游大瀑布水坝。大瀑布市是蒙大州的第二大城,因一座倾泻而下的瀑布,阻断了密苏里河而得名。 藉由在河边建造水坝,以水力发电发展工业。在每年的3月底,都会举办为期3天的西部艺术展览、拍卖会。途中经过免税店,团游客可尽情享受一轮购物乐趣。于傍晚时分返回卡加利,结束难忘的美国四天游行程


      • 无任何附加费用
      • 包所有公园入场费、全部税项及小费
      • 包全程三早餐


      • 四人房:299美元/人,商会会员:279美元/人
      • 三人房:329美元/人,商会会员:309美元/人
      • 二人房:359美元/人,商会会员:339美元/人
      • 小孩11岁以下,与两成人同住$ 160美元/人, 商会会员:149美元/人



    • Mon




      • 2014.08.04-21第1天:卡尔加里(Calgary)→ 多伦多 (Toronto)
        是日从加拿大卡尔加里出发,乘坐客机前往多伦多,晚上住宿多伦多市区酒店。Park Inn Markham or similar
      • 第2天:多伦多(Toronto) → 渥太华 (Ottawa) → 蒙特利尔(Montreal)
        早餐后前往京士顿市,参观着名的皇后大学;市政厅和百年广场。午餐后前往加拿大首都渥太华市,到达后参观着名的国会山庄和总督府,丽都运河。下午前往蒙特利尔,参观旧蒙特利尔市和唐人街。晚上住宿市区酒店。Sandman Hotel or similar
      • 第3天:蒙特利尔(Montreal) → 弗雷德里克顿 (Fredericton)
        早上餐后前往新不伦瑞克省的首府弗雷德里克顿市。途中参观着名的大瀑布(Grand Falls), 然后参观全世界最长的有盖桥(The longest Cover Bridge in the World – Heart Land Cover Bridge)。然后到达弗雷德里克顿市,夜宿市内酒店。Lakeview Inn or similar
      • lighthouse-170096_1280第4天:弗雷德里克顿(Fredericton) → 哈利法克斯 (Halifax)早餐后,前往海洋三省之一的新斯科舍省(Nova Scotia), 首先到达着名的渔村(Peggy’s Cove),欣赏无边的大西洋和巨大的海边岩石,和全加拿大唯一建在灯塔里的邮政局。然后到达哈利法克斯市,参观着名的地表Citadel和Old Town Clock,还有海滨长廊和哈利法克斯港口的美景。夜宿市区酒店。Future Inn or similar
      • 第5天:哈利法克斯(Halifax)→ 爱德华王子岛(PEI)
        早上离开哈利法克斯,然后乘坐豪华渡轮前往全加拿大最小的省份—爱德华王子岛。然后住宿省会夏洛特顿市(Charlotte Town), 参观被誉为加拿大诞生之地的省议会大楼。然后到达着名的Cavendish渔村,参观着名的清秀佳人的故乡(Green Gable House),晚上品尝着名的龙虾晚宴,夜宿市内酒店。Sleman Park Hotel or similar
      • 第6天:爱德华王子岛(PEI) → 圣约翰斯(St John's)
        早餐后经全加拿大最长的跨海大桥前往加拿大纽芬兰与拉布拉多省,前往然后前往大龙虾的故乡(Shediac),参观全世界最大的龙虾铜像。然后到达纽省的蒙克顿(Moncton),参观着名的磁力山(Magnetic Hill), 然后前往着名的好望角(Cape Hopewell)欣赏全世界最高海潮的地区,欣赏着名的花石公园。下午到达皇族之城圣约翰斯(St John's),参观着名的倒流瀑布和军事瞭望塔。晚上住宿市区酒店。Chateau St John's or similar
      • 第7天:圣约翰斯(St John's) → 魁北克(Quebec City)
        早餐后离开圣约翰斯市,前往有加国小巴黎之称的魁北克市。参观着名的古堡酒店;兵器广场;木板长廊;皇家广场和张伯伦大道。晚上住宿市内酒店。Chateau Repotel or similar
      • 2014.08.06-44第8天: 魁北克市(Quebec City)→ 多伦多(Toronto)
        早上离开魁北克市,然后前往美加着名的旅游区千岛群岛,然后乘坐游船欣赏千岛美丽景色,傍晚到达后多伦多,晚饭后返回酒店休息。Park Inn Markham or similar
      • 第9天:多伦多 → 尼亚加拉大瀑布 → 机场送机 Toronto → Niagara Falls → Airport Drop-off


      • 四人房每位 CAD$1,378.00 商会会员:CAD$1,348
      • 三人房每位 CAD$1,468.00 商会会员:CAD$1,438
      • 双人房 每位 CAD$1,528.00 商会会员:CAD$1,498
      • 单人房每位加收 CAD$480.00


      • 8晚在酒店住宿(3星半到4星)
      • 全程豪华巴士观光
      • 所有指定的观光点的参观门票
      • 酒店税及服务费
      • 卡尔加里多伦多来回机票
      • 全程的早餐


      • 全程的其他餐费
      • 司机,导游小费(每人每天$8,按9天支付)
      • 额外的搬运李
      • 旅游保险


    • Thu
      5:30PM - 9PMTHEATRE JUNCTION GRAND, 608 1st Street SW, Calgary, Alberta

      Main_LogoThere is a movement afoot that takes a new approach to advancing diversity and inclusion. Led by the nonprofit organization Feel Foreign, the movement is based on a challenge to experience, embrace, and learn from different cultures and communities.

      To advance this movement, Feel Foreign has launched the Feel Foreign Film Contest, an opportunity for people to tell their stories about experiencing another culture and what they learned from it.

      Winners of the contest will be announced on September 15, 2016 at the Feel Foreign Film Contest Awards.

      “The seven contest finalists tell stories about different cultures and experiences,” says Feel Foreign co‐founder Bonita Paquette. “We are excited to screen these seven videos and to announce the top three submissions at the September 15 Awards event. First, second and third place winners will share in $10,000 in prizes. We will also be awarding a Fan’s Choice award based on audience votes at the event.”

      Presented by RBC, and co‐hosted by CBC’s Doug Dirks and Omni Television personality Jenny Yu, the Feel Foreign Film Contest Awards will be held in Calgary at the Theatre Junction Grand on September 15, 2016.

      • 5:30 - 6:30 Doors open, meet & greet
      • 6:30 - 7:30 Film screening and awards
      • 7:30 - 9:00 Hors d'oeuvres, food stations and networking at Post-Awards Reception

      Tickets may be purchased through the Theatre Junction Grand box office.



      608 1st Street SW, Calgary, Alberta, T2P 1M6

      Box Office:

      Monday – Friday 10am-6pm
      On Show Weekdays – 1pm-8pm

      As a partner of the event sponsor HKCBA, CCCA members can receive the same discount for the first 100 tickets sold using discount code “HKCBA”.  If you buy your tickets soon, you can enter this code when purchasing your ticket on-line at the Theatre Junction Grand Box Office and you will receive $25 off of the $50 ticket cost!

      About Feel Foreign:

      Feel Foreign is a nonprofit organization incorporated in Canada in 2015. Our purpose is to build bridges across cultures and communities and to improve intergroup dynamics. We do this by telling the stories of real people interacting with others from different backgrounds, addressing stereotypes and discussing differences in an entertaining way. We believe empathy is an important means to improve intergroup attitudes and relations, and that telling stories through video is an effective starting point toward building empathy. Our vision is for Feel Foreign to become the “go to” organization for an empathy‐driven approach to inclusion that helps break down barriers, reach across divisions, and forge understanding.

      Additional information about Feel Foreign, including Feel Foreign “snippets” – short stories submitted by Feel Foreign followers – is available through Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn, as well as the organization’s website, feelforeign.com.

    • Sun
      1:30pm - 5pmBrentwood Community Association. 1520 Northmount Dr. NW Calgary, T2L 0G6

      During the downturn of the economy, are you looking for open your own business or struggling to profit from your current business? You may also look for new opportunities? CCCA business event will be held in September 25th, 2016, this is a great opportunity since experts in commercial lending, finance, accounting, and legal field are invited this educational seminar.

      1. Business start-up loans, commercial loans for purchasing business purchasing, and introduction of BDC
        -- George Lu (BDC) (45 minutes)
      2. Company risk management and the tax law changes in Canada
        - Sherry Wong (CFP,Investors Group)
      3. Entrepreneur opportunity in China: Shandong Provincial policies for returned talents
        -Xiaomeng Zheng (5-10minutes)
      4. 5 minutes break
      5. How banks evaluate business risk
        -Shuang Lin (45minutes)
      6. Business purchasing and selling - related legal issues. Share selling or asset selling? lawyers due diligence, purchase agreement
        -Hongqian Zhang (45minutes)
      7. Lucky draw – sponsors’ introduction (5minutes)

      In addition we also have a charted professional accountant on spot to answer questions

      Please RSVP at:

    • Tue



      参会流程为:网上报名、提交项目并对接、现场洽谈交流及会后考察。报名截止时间为2016年9月20日。具体报名详见:加中商会网站:www.ccca88.ca (点击:人才交流)



      • 10月11日全天报到。
      • 10月12日至10月13日集中进行项目对接洽谈、人才招聘等活动。
      • 会后,邀请部分参会人员赴有关市进行项目考察和洽谈对接活动。

      第九届“海洽会”组委会办公室设在山东省人力资源和社会保障厅。(详情请见:www.ccca88.ca 人才交流一栏)


    • Sat
      1:30pm - 5:00pmWelcome Centre for New Immigrants, 3820 32 St. NE, Calgary, AB T1Y 7L9 (near Whitehorn C-train station)

      successDo you want to further advance your career? How to find the fine balance between technical skills and interpersonal skills? How to make your boss notice your contribution and ability? How to break the glass ceiling while facing industry downturn and cultural difference?

      Canada China Commercial Association (CCCA), Canada China Cultural Association (CCCA), together with Calgary Immigrant Educational Society (CIES), are hosting the 2nd Cultural Forum to help you advance your career in Canada. At the forum, experts will provide you with practical skills and techniques to concur the barriers in your career, and successful Chinese immigrants will share their experiences and stories.

      The Recruitment Officer of Calgary Fire Department (“CFD”), Sean Hoy, will be at the event with information about CFD’s recruitment process and information about CFD’s cadet program for young men and women aged 15 to 18.

      Time: October 22, 2016 1:30pm to 5pm. (Registration starts from 1pm)
      Address: Welcome Centre for New Immigrants, 3820 32St. NE, T1Y 7L9 (near Whitehotn C-train station)

      • 1:30 – 1:45pm: Opening
      • 1:45 – 2:45pm: Would You Hire You? – Matt Adolphe
        Matt Adolphe is the author of Canadian Workplace Culture: Mastering the Unspoken Rules and Would You Hire You?. Matt is an instructor at the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology (SAIT). He holds a B.A. in Indigenous Studies and History from Laurentian University and an M.A. in Communication Management from the University of South Australia. He has been teaching English, history, culture and communication for over 15 years in Korea, Japan, Macao and Canada. Matt is an experienced course facilitator who has developed communication courses for immigrants and job seekers looking for success. He teaches a variety of professional courses in the oil and gas industry and education sector, typically focused on diversity, leadership, and communication skills in the workplace.
      • 2:45 – 3:45pm: The Secret of Top Performers: Deliver Results, Manage Perception, and Be Visible – Spring Zhu
        Spring Zhu is a Supply Chain Manager, Market Intelligence & Business Analytics of a major oil& gas company in Calgary. In her role, she directs business analytics including market intel for strategic sourcing, supplier risk management, and supply chain performance management. Spring Zhu holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Chinese Language & Literature from Suzhou University, China and an MBA from Richard Ivey Business School in Canada. Spring is also a Chartered Professional Accountant (Certified Management Accountant) of Alberta Canada.
      • 3:45 – 4:00pm Coffee Break
      • 4:00 – 5:00pm: Panel Discussion
        • Dr. Sally Zhao, CIES: Dr. Sally Zhao obtained her Ph.D. in ESL (English as a Second Language) Testing and Assessment and an MA in Language and Communication from Cardiff University, UK, an M.Ed. in Teaching English for Specific Purposes from University of Exeter, U.K., and a BA in English Language and Literature from Lanzhou University, China. Sally has been teaching English as a Second Language since 1987. Sally started her career at CIES in 2005. Sally has been the manager of LINC program at CIES since 2007. As of November 1, 2014, Sally is the Executive Director of CIES.
        • Mr. Davis Zhang: David is one of the most successful private market dealing representatives in Canada. He is a registered dealing representative with Pinnacle Wealth Brokers and the Vice President of the company’s Asian Division. He joined Pinnacle in 2011 and has been managing the Pinnacle office in Richmond, British Columbia since 2013. David was Pinnacles’ top producer for a number of years and was recently celebrated with his peers at Pinnacles’ top producer’s conference in January 2016 in Scottsdale, Arizona. David’s unique path has seen him transition from an engineer in China to a real estate investor and referral agent in Alberta, and to a top producing dealing representative for Pinnacle.
        • Mr. Andy Wu (P. Eng., MSc): Any is the Director of United Engineering Corp. Andy holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Civil Engineering from Tsinghua University, China and a Master of Science degree in Civil Engineering from University of Saskatchewan, Canada. In his successful career in Canada, he has held various management and leadership positions in VECO CANADA LTD., MEG Energy, Worley LTD., Colt Engineering LTD., Worley Parsons Canada, and Vista Projects Ltd.
        • Colyn deGraaff: Colyn is a seasoned writer, designer and public speaker with over 10 years of experience in marketing, web development, and program design. Colyn received his Bachelor’s degree in English from St. Mary's University in 2010. As a native-born Calgarian, Colyn joined CIES in 2012. Currently, Colyn manages Calgary’s only free English language distance-education program, LINC Home Study (LHS), and oversees the CIES Special Projects department which is responsible for the upkeep and design of the CIES website, training videos for students, and the Syrian-focused language project, Refugee Express Drop-In ESL & Integration (REDI).
        • Melissa McKinnon: Melissa earned her Bachelor of Arts degree from St. Thomas University in Fredericton, New Brunswick. She double majored in criminology and sociology and obtained a minor in religious studies as well. After her undergrad, Melissa earned her Bachelor of Education from the University of Maine. Melissa has taught youth and adults in various settings and grew a passion for teaching English as a second language after spending a summer in Uganda, Africa volunteer teaching. Prior to joining CIES, Melissa taught in a public school setting in her hometown, Sussex, New Brunswick. In April 2013, Melissa joined CIES as a Senior LINC Coordinator until she became Manager of ESL and Volunteer Programs in August 2014.

      Organizer: Canada China Commercial Association (CCCA):

      CCCA is a registered non-profit organization in Alberta dedicated to the promotion and facilitation of trade developments, business investment, innovation and technology exchange between Canada and China. CCCA’s principles include resource sharing, strength complementary, mutual benefit and cooperative development between all company and individual members. CCCA hosts different seminars, workshops, conferences and networking events according to its member’s requests.

      Co-organizer: Calgary Immigrant Educational Society (CIES)

      CIES is a non-profit, charitable organization established in 1988 with one basic goal: to provide immigrants and economically challenged Calgarians with a solid foothold in Canada and afford them the opportunities to grow into productive and contended Canadians. CIES offers a broad palette of immigrant programs and services, which include Language Instruction for Newcomers to Canada (LINC) Program, Care for Newcomer Children Program, Drop-in ESL Program, Entry Level Job Trainings, Computer Programs, Accounting Programs, Financial Literacy Program, Welcome Resources Information Program, workshops and seminars.

      Sole Sponsor

      Pinnacle Wealth Brokers

      Pinnacle Wealth Brokers


      • Current CCCA Members (2016): Free - Until all tickets sold out and before Oct 10. (Please send email to:info@ccca88.ca to register)
      • None CCCA Members:
        • Early Bird (Before September 30): $10
        • Before October 22: $15
        • At the Door: $20


    • Sat
      1:30pm - 5:00pmWelcome Centre for New Immigrants, 3820 32 St. NE, Calgary, AB T1Y 7L9 (near Whitehorn C-train station)

      October 22, Saturday afternoon, Canada China Commercial Association (CCCA), Canada China Culture Association (CCCA) and Calgary Immigrant Educational Society (CIES) hosted the 2nd Cross-Cultural Forum at Welcome Centre for New Immigrants in the north east of Calgary.

      The subject of this forum is How to Succeed in Canadian Workplace. The goal is to provide advice on how to break the glass ceiling and advance your career with soft skills that are required in Canadian workplace.

      The forum was monitored by Ms. Zhao Lei. At first, she introduced the special guests, Consul, Mr. Wang Xu Hong, and Vice Consul, Mr. Gao Qing Jun, from the Consulate General of the People's Republic of China in Calgary; Associate Professor, Ms. Cai Wei from University of Calgary; and Recruiting Officer, Mr. Sean Hoy, from Calgary Fire Department.

      Mr. Sean Hoy mentioned that Calgary Fire Department serves Calgary, a growing and culturally diversified city. He has seen his team grown to be more diversified through the years. He also recalled experience of responding to emergency situations when language and culture is a barrier, but fortunately some teammate can understand different language / culture that helps deliver full service in a timely manner. His main message is that Calgary Fire Department serves the community with a caring heart. And in order to better serve Calgarian in case of emergencies, his team welcome people including immigrants and people of minority cultural background to join the team. And finally, the Fire Department has the intention to recruit more people and some opportunities will be posted publicly and on website. Please help to spread the message.

      Next, the forum started with the speech presented by the first keynote speaker, Ms. Spring Zhu, on The Secret of Top Performers: Deliver Results, Manage Perception, and Be Visible. She shared her experience of how to advance her career from Accounting Generalist after obtaining her MBA to a Supply Chain Manager, Market Intelligence & Business Analytics at a major oil & gas company in Calgary. She explained about how to set SMART goals and meet goals at each career level especially for the Chinese immigrants. The audience was deeply touched by her stories and learned a lot of advice from her experience.
      The second speech was presented by the old friend of CCCA, also one of the keynote speakers at the 1st Cross-Culture Forum, Mr. Matt Adolphe. He is the author of two books, << Canadian Workplace Culture: Mastering the Unspoken Rules >>, and << Would You Hire You? >>. He not only is an instructor of the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology (SAIT), but also teaches English, history, culture and communications in other countries and areas. At the Q&A section, Matt answered lots of questions on the unspoken rules at workplace. The audience was impressed by his experience, research results and his communication skills.

      After the keynote speakers' presentations, CCCA's board member, Ms. Cherry Ma, briefly presented what CCCA is, the upcoming forum about Import and Export, and 2017 New Year Gala. The representative of the main sponsor, Pinnacle Wealth Brokers, Ms. Maggie Hu, gave a short speech of her company and the collaborations between CCCA and Pinnacle. Ms. Christina Wei from Mapleville, the gift sponsor, also talked about their company.

      The last section of this forum was the panel discussion monitored by Dr. Sally Zhao, the Executive Director of CIES. She introduced the penal speakers - Mr. Andy Wu, Director of United Engineering Corp and Senior Advisor of CCCA; Mr. Colyn deGraff, seasoned writer, designer, public speaker and Manager of CIES; and Ms. Jana Ciobanu, LINC Manager of CIES. After Colyn and Jana made short presentations on cross culture communications, the two keynote speakers, Matt and Spring were invited to join the panel discussion. The audience asked lots of questions regarding the day-to-day communications at work and how to improve their communication efficiency at Canadian workplace.

      Time flew... Dr. Sally Zhao had to announce the end of the panel discussion at 5pm. The Chair of CCCA handed the appreciation certificate and gifts to the keynote and panel speakers. The audience provided very positive feedback about this event, looking forward to the next forum.

    • Fri
      4:00 pm - 7:00 pmConference Centre, Centennial Place West 300, 250 5 Street SW, Calgary T2P 0R3

      4:00pm – 7:00pm Friday, November 18, 2016
      Address: Conference Centre, Centennial Place West, 300, 250 5 Street SW, T2P 0R3

      • Do you want to grow your business to a foreign market?
      • Are you a foreign company struggling to establish your market in Canada?
      • Do you know there is a foreign trade zone in Calgary?
      • Thinking about starting an import or export business?

      RBCRB_LogoDes_H_rgbPECome and join Canada China Commercial Association (“CCCA”) and RBC for an informative afternoon with keynote speaker, Mike Holden, and a dynamic panel of trade and policy experts.

      Keynote Speaker:

      • Mike Holden, Chief Economist, Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters (“CME”).
        Mike Holden is Chief Economist at CME and is currently acting in the role of Vice President of the Alberta division of CME. Based out of Calgary, Mike’s primary functions are to expand CME’s capacity to offer economics, policy and strategic analysis to its members. This work includes ongoing economic analysis commentaries and publications, directing major research projects, policy formation, as well as media and public outreach.
        Mike has a BA in honours economics from the University of Alberta and an MA in economics from Queen’s University.
        CME is Canada’s largest trade and industry association, and the voice of manufacturing and global business in Canada. Founded in 1871, CME represents more than 10,000 leading companies nationwide. Collectively, CME's membership network accounts for an estimated 82% of Canadian manufacturing production and 90% of all goods and services exports. CME’s mission is to help Canadian manufacturers and exporters compete and win in domestic and global markets by leveraging their leadership, expertise, connections, and the strengths of their membership.


      • Mike Holden, Chief Economist, Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters (“CME”).
      • Pam Gwyer, Manager, International Trading, RBC Trade Department
      • Rob Luini, Business Development Manager, Export Development Canada
      • Corrie Bank, President, Triskele Logistics Ltd. | Chair, Calgary Logistics Council
      • Carlos Soares, President, Divine Hardwood Flooring
      • Julia Mah, Trade & Investment Officer, Economic Development and Trade, Government of Alberta

      Download the event to your calendar 


      • Current CCCA Members (2016): Free - Until all tickets sold out. (Please send email to:info@ccca88.ca to register)
      • None CCCA Members(2016): Event is full.

    • Fri
      4:00 pm - 7:00 pmConference Centre, Centennial Place West 300, 250 5 Street SW, Calgary T2P 0R3

      RBCRB_LogoDes_H_rgbPE11月18日下午4时,由加中商会和加拿大皇家银行携手举办的进出口信息交流会在Centennial Place的3楼会议厅如期举行。

      交流会由加拿大皇家银行的高级商业贷款经理Sam Lin(林爽)主持,首先发言的是加中商会的代表马谦利,她先是简单地介绍了一下加中商会的功能和服务宗旨,曾经举办过的重要活动,接着介绍了这届加中商会的理事会成员,随后谈到了明年年初将要举办的年会,并鼓励大家申请成为加中商会的会员或者义工,大家一起参与到今后的各项有意义的活动中来。


      在皇家银行商业金融服务的副总裁Glenn Graves致词并简短地介绍了阿尔伯塔省当前的经济形势后,Sam Lin隆重介绍并请出这次交流会的主讲嘉宾,加拿大制造商和出口商协会(CME)的首席经济师 Mike Holden。Mike Holden是加拿大制造商和出口商协会的首席经济师以及该协会阿尔伯塔分部的副总裁。他的职责主要包括拓展CME为其会员提供经济,政策及策略分析的能力,发表经济分析报告,负责主要研究项目,参与政策制定,以及媒体和公众宣传。

      他演讲的主题是:提高加拿大贸易的竞争力。 他首先概述了加拿大的出口贸易情况,介绍了加拿大出口贸易的表现以及制造业在加拿大出口贸易中所占的比重。他也承认,在加拿大制造业进出口贸易中,进口数远远高于出口,源于加拿大制造业的落后,技术滞后,设备更新慢,投入少。同时他介绍了加拿大的工业2030的战略目标,政府将要加大投入力度,争取在2030年制造业出口量翻番。随后他介绍了加拿大制造和出口的manage issue survey(MIS)的概况,以及今后五年全球市场的机会和阿尔伯塔省支持出口的基金项目。最后,他讲解了美国新任总统川普的经济政策和加拿大对此的应对政策。Mike的演讲提供了很多有用的信息,使大家很好地了解了加拿大的进出口贸易政策以及现状,未来的发展方向和投入情况,大家都感到受益匪浅。

      Improving Canada's Trade Competitiveness - Mike Holden

      Mike Holden演讲资料(点击图片下载)

      接下来的研讨会由皇家私人银行副总裁Kent Parlee主持,参与者有: 加拿大制造商和出口商协会(CME)首席经济师Mike Holden,加拿大皇家银行国际贸易部经理Pam Gwyer,加拿大出口发展协会 (Export Development Canada)企业发展部经理Rob Luini,Triskele物流公司总裁,卡尔加里物流协会(Calgary Logistics Council)主席Corrie Bank,Divine实木地板公司总裁Carlos Soares, 阿尔伯塔政府经济发展与贸易局贸易与投资专员Julia Mah。








      最后也要感谢一下积极参与到活动中的各位义工们,早早到达现场布置会场,接待来宾,准备食物 ,帮助来宾和与会者签到。这次进出口交流会在加中商会和皇家银行的携手努力下,取得圆满成功。




    • Sun
      12:00 pmALOFT HOTEL - 2359 Banff Trail NW, Calgary, AB, T2M 4L2

      pinnacle-logo致冠金融 - 主题讲座


      Davis 张文博,私人资本投资专家、Pinnacle Wealth 副总裁,加拿大注册工程师背景,技术移民来加拿大16 年,从事金融投资11 年。连续6 年被Pinnacle 评为最佳顾问。2014、2015 年被加拿大Wealth Professional 授予Alternative Investment 系列杰出奖。严谨、敬业、专业。


      1. 加拿大政府社保基金和各大专项基金在资产配置上的变化对独立家庭投资理财的启发
      2. 为什么绝大多数金融机构的互惠基金的表现不如意
      3. 如何通过尽职调研来防范投资中的风险
      4. 当前投资机会介绍:
        1. 项目一: Pinnacle 绝对回报信托基金 (7%-8%/年)
        2. 项目二: Clear Sky 洗车场(信托基金) 10% + 10%分成

      讲座时间 : 2016 年11 月27 日(周日) 中午12:00
      地点: ALOFT HOTEL
      地址: 2359 Banff Trail NW, Calgary, AB, T2M 4L2
      报名热线: 403-400-4966,778-986-1918
      电邮davis.zhang@pinnaclewealth.ca 敬请准时入场


    • Sun
      2 pm - 5 pm201 1710 Center St NE, Calgary, AB

      2016 is passing, 2017 is approaching

      We believe there will be more job opportunities!!!

      Are you looking for internships, or are you on the journey to find a job?

      Are you looking for a job to satisfy the immigration applications?

      Let us help you!

      Welcome to our job search guide forum!!!

      Speakers and panelist:

      • Chris Watson, CPA, CACalvista LLP Chartered Professional Accountants, Partner, Chris has over 30 years combined experience in industry and accounting. He focuses on assurance services but also consults with small to medium sized businesses in wide variety of industries.
      • Grace WangBrion Energy Executive Assistant to the President and CEO. Grace has also previously worked for Ernst & Young and McKinsey & Company. She has many years of recruitment experience in both Canada and China.
      • Ray Yang, B. Eng., MBA: Ray is currently working for a large energy company’s Information and Process Management department. He has many years of experience in IT system and operations and has held various management positions in a number of multinational companies in both Canada and China.
      • Andy Wu, P. Eng., MSc: Andy is the Director of United Engineering Corp. In his successful career in Canada, he has held various management and leadership positions in VECO CANADA LTD., Worley LTD., Colt Engineering LTD., Worley Parsons Canada, and Vista Projects Ltd.
      • Jill Liu: Job Coach/Counselor from Calgary Immigrant Women’s Association. She previously worked for SAIT as an online instructor and a program advisor. She is experienced in both educational advising, career coach/counselling.
      • Ailian Liu: Ailan works at C-easy international immigration services, and is a licensed immigration consultant in Canada, as well as being a registered social worker in Alberta.


      Current graduates that looking for jobs


      info@ccca88.ca (Please provide Name, School, Year of Graduation and Major) This is a free event!! Open only to the ones registered.


      December 18, 2016 (Sunday)


      201 1710 Center St NE, Calgary, AB


      • Job Search Forum (2PM – 4PM)
      • • Networking (4PM – 5PM)



      CEasy Immigration Serviceswww.ceasy.ca

    CCCA Roadshow July 18 Event - Business plan drafting and an introduction of intellectual property in Canada
    5:30 pm - 9:00 pmUplands Recreation Centre, 20 Hawkside Close Northwest, Calgary AB

    Canada China Commercial Association (CCCA) proudly presents the 2017 Western Canada Innovation and Entrepreneurship Roadshow (“The Roadshow”). A series events to walk the venture entrepreneurs through all training sessions. The finale is scheduled to be in November, 2017. A cash reward of $1,688 to be offered to the winner.

    Please join us on July 18, 2017 evening for a CCCA Roadshow event.   The event is a good mix of training seminar of business plan drafting and an introduction of Canadian Intellectual Property.

    Part 1: How to write a winning business plan?  Topic to be presented by ATB Financial Tony Chu and his colleague.

    Nearly all business experts agree that to have a good business plan  is critical for an venture business to sell your business idea. It is also a good management tool once the business gains its ground.

    A good business plan help to formulate your idea and evaluate your business. Tony and his colleague is going to bring his expertise to address the important elements and tips of business plan drafting.

    Part 2: An introduction of Canadian Intellectual Property - Brought it to you by Dr. Morgan Guo from Innovate Calgary.

    To protect Intellectual property is critical to protect innovation. It is our pleasure to have Dr. Morgan Guo from Innovate Calgary to address the intellectual property topic in Canada.

    Morgan Guo is the Intellectual Property Manager - Life Sciences, she works with University of Calgary researchers to manage intellectual property and commercialization of new discoveries in agricultural and life sciences.

    Dr. Guo's previous experience includes working as the Technology Transfer Manager at the University of Lethbridge on research partnership building, early stage technology development and commercialization. She has provided consulting services to various small businesses in Southern Alberta on intellectual property strategy. In addition, Dr. Guo also worked for Monsanto as breeding and logistic specialist.

    Dr. Guo received her PhD in Physiological and Molecular Biology from the University of Illinois, Urbana Champaign and was a Postdoctoral Fellow at the Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory.

    The event also provides a great networking opportunity to all venture entrepreneurs, we have invited professors from university and financial industry experts to share their knowledge and experience.


    • Non Members: $20
    • General Members: $10
    • Enterprise Members: Fee, please contact us at info@ccca88.ca to receive your ticket

    Please purchase tickets from Eventbrite site or alternatively, you can pay via Interac e-Transfer®

    Recipient email: treasurer@ccca88.ca
    Please email treasurer@ccca88.ca with the answer of your secret question. Please indicate your name, type of ticket and quantity of ticket in your email.

    Business members: free. Please contact us to receive the ticket. info@ccca88.ca.

    Eventbrite - 2017 Western Canada Innovation & Entrepreneurship Roadshow - 商业计划书写作和知识产权讲座